Padded Suit [#5.19, Ep. 94]

Lisa Miller: Look, I would feel really stupid if the one thing that would prevent you from getting fired is a simple little job description, so just please do it! (storms off)

Max Louis: (yelling after her) Well, prepare to feel STUPID!

Joe Garrelli: Good one, Max.  Obnoxious mouthing off is the cornerstone of Joejitsu.

Complaint Box [#3.14, Ep 42]

Matthew Brock: Last time I signed something without reading it, I had to do Bill’s dry cleaning for a year.

Beth: I don’t think that thing Bill made you sign was legally binding.

Matthew: Oh, I’m afraid it was. It was witnessed an notarized by an official notary public.

Beth: Joe?

Matthew: Yeah. And on top of it all, I had to pay Joe a $20 processing fee!